A natural leader, charismatic and motivated, Reda motivates the members of his team and the people he trains with to always give more and perform better. The rigour that MMA fighter REDA IGLI imposes on himself these days, REDA used to be the first to arrive at training and the last to leave. I recommend reading the biographies of top sportsmen and women to all MMA fans looking for inspiration. To this day, Reda IGLI is considered to be one of MMA's living values. A great competitor, but also an intense enthusiast, REDA has never ceased to achieve optimal and explosive performances. To get to where he is today, he has had to work tirelessly and demand of himself a constant quest for excellence, both through his extreme training and his strict lifestyle routine. Translated with (free version)

Tale of the Tape

Weight 71kg
Height 2' 6"
Age 40
Nationality France
Sport Mixed Martial Arts
Gym other
Record W0 D0 L2
Knockouts 0

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