Acceptable Use Policy

Last Updated: June 2024

Agreement to comply - please read carefully

This Policy applies to your utilisation of Fight Division and all Content hosted on Fight Division, forming an integral part of your contractual relationship with us. The following outlines acceptable and unacceptable conduct on Fight Division.

For the purpose of this Policy, the defined terms correspond to those established in our Terms of Service, applicable across all Users.

  1. Utilisation Limitation: Refrain from employing Fight Division for purposes beyond personal usage. Do not distribute, lease, transfer, or disseminate your account or any Content acquired through Fight Division to others.
  2. Lawful Conduct: Utilise Fight Division solely for lawful purposes and in adherence to prevailing laws and regulations.
  3. Content Standards: Content uploaded, posted, displayed, or published on Fight Division must not be illegal, fraudulent, defamatory, discriminatory, hateful, threatening, or harassing. It must not advocate violence or illegal activities.
  4. Protection of Minors: Do not employ Fight Division in a manner that could potentially harm or exploit individuals below 18 years of age, including exposure to inappropriate Content.
  5. Content Integrity: Content presented on Fight Division must adhere to the following criteria:
    • Should not include or depict any individual under 18 years old or reference individuals under 18 years old in a general sense, unless supported by written documentation affirming that individuals featured are at least 18 years old, with explicit consent obtained for their appearance or imagery in the Content.
    • Must avoid displaying, endorsing, or referencing prohibited items, such as firearms or restricted goods, drugs, self-harm, or explicit themes.
    • Should not involve explicit or violent content, such as extreme acts, cruelty, or illegal activities.
    • Must not contain or pertain to hate speech, or infringe upon an individual's privacy by disclosing personal, confidential, or sensitive information without explicit written consent.
  6. Respect for Others: Abide by our Community Guidelines, which stipulate additional requirements for respectful interaction and content creation.
  7. Harassment and Threats: Do not employ Fight Division for stalking, bullying, abuse, harassment, threats, or intimidation of others.
  8. Misleading Conduct: Avoid engaging in deceptive or misleading activities on Fight Division that may lead to misconceptions or confusion for other Users.
  9. Intellectual Property: Respect the intellectual property rights of creators, refraining from unauthorised distribution, reproduction, or sharing of their Content.
  10. Rights and Privacy: Uphold the rights of others, encompassing intellectual property rights, personality rights, competition, privacy, and data protection.
  11. Impersonation: Do not impersonate Fight Division, its employees, other Users, or any entity, nor falsely indicate affiliations, endorsements, or sponsorships.
  12. Accuracy of Information: Furnish accurate registration details and refrain from unauthorised usage of another person's information or Content.
  13. Quality and Authenticity: Prevent the creation or propagation of inauthentic, repetitive, or misleading Content, including spam or low-quality material.
  14. Live Broadcasts: Ensure live content remains genuine and live-streamed, refraining from using pre-recorded material to simulate live activity.
  15. Communication Channels: Abide by these standards across all communication methods, including avoiding encrypted codes or signals for violating content.
  16. Content Manipulation: Avoid unauthorised reproduction, distribution, or modification of Content, unless allowed under the Terms of Service.
  17. Cybersecurity: Do not introduce malicious software, viruses, or other harmful elements to Fight Division.
  18. Source Code: Refrain from reverse engineering, disassembling, or attempting to access Fight Division's source code.
  19. System Integrity: Employ Fight Division in a manner that does not compromise system integrity or disrupt other Users' experiences.
  20. Automation: Abstain from utilising automated tools, processes, or scripts to access Fight Division or extract data.
  21. Brand Usage: Use Fight Division's branding, name, and logo as stipulated in the Terms of Service or with prior written consent.
  22. Breaches of this Policy may result in suspension or termination of your account, and the revocation of access to your earnings, following the guidelines set out in the Terms of Service.